"It was a gargantuan Life Stone that looked like a diamond at first, but actually was iridescent. It was the most beautiful gemstone I had ever seen before in my life. Words cannot describe its loveliness. It radiated power, the strongest energy we had ever felt. We could barely could stand in its presence."
-Xavier Pendragon in his letter to Red
The God Stone is an omnipotent Life Stone that is believed to be the weapon of the Goddess and the source of all Life Stones.

Origin Edit

The origin of the God Stone is unknown. No one knows where it came from, or why it possesses the abilities it does. But as the name applies, it may not have an actual origin.

Abilities Edit

The God Stone, as the mother of all Life Stones, has unique powers that no other Life Stone possesses.

  • Creation: It can create weapons on its own, as seen when Red created a zweihander and a katana.
  • Sentience: It has acted on its own accord in order to assist Red in battle.

The Goddess Edit

In ancient times, the wielder of the God Stone, who has always been female, was considered a goddess. She was associated with birth, fertility, and sex, as the God Stone is the "mother" of all Life Stones. She was also a protector goddess, keeping earth safe from outside forces.

The Goddess has been equated to Aphrodite, Venus, Ishtar, and Qetesh.

The religion that worshiped the Goddess seems to be making a comeback.

Doppelganger Edit

Currently, there appears to be two God Stones. One is being used by Red Pendragon, and the other by Clarisse Pendragon. Which is the real one has yet to be revealed.

Trivia Edit

  • The God Stone's standard appearance is iridescent, but it changes color according to whoever is wielding it. This is seen when it turns crimson when Red obtains it.
  • Red's God Stone is kept in a necklace, while Clarisse's is in a ring.
  • Clarisse has yet to be seen using her God Stone.