A Life Stone is special stone that can bestow super-powered armor to its wielder. They come in ranks of strength—Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond—though rarely can be of an undefined rank. All Life Stones come from the original God Stone.

Anomalies Edit

Anomalies are Life Stones of an undefined, non-standard rank. They have much more potential than the standard Life Stones and have an unfathomable amount of power compared.

The known anomalies are:

  • Moonstone (wielded by Mizuki Pendragon)
  • Jade (wielded by Astrid Glaiyser)
  • Rose Quartz (wielded by Lily Noble)
  • Turquoise
  • Amethyst

Tiers Edit

Life Stones come in three tiers, or stages, of power. With each tier, the amount of power the Life Stone is able to unleash increases.

First Tier Edit

The first tier is the initial stage and therefore the weakest. It lasts for twenty levels.

Second Tier Edit

The second is obtainable after mastering the first. When it is achieved, the armor receives an upgrade and the power level is doubled, if not more. The second tier is constantly improving and evolving, and because of this it lasts for an infinite amount of levels.

According to Archer, second tier has yet to be achieved by a Life Stone since the rediscovery twenty years ago.

Third Tier Edit

The third, final, and ultimate tier is unachievable. It unleashes a Life Stone's full potential, and because of this, the human body cannot last under the pressure. This tier, if somehow unleashed, is only temporary, due to the incredible level of power that is unleashed.

The God Stone is the only Life Stone to reach the third tier, but even so, its past wielders have nearly died in the process.

Memories Edit

The memories of previous wielders are always infused within a Life Stone. It is thanks to these memories that the scientists have been able to discover how Life Stones were used in the past and what their purpose is. It has been implied that in order for the current wielder to access these memories, they must unlock the second tier.

It is still unknown what the Life Stones were originally used to fight against.

Trivia Edit

  • The standard Life Stones (diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald) are considered the most precious gemstones, which is ironic, as they are the most common Life Stones.
  • Every Life Stone wielder so far has been female.
  • Each anomaly has its own specialty.
  • Life Stones are so powerful, when activated, regular weapons cannot withstand their energy.
  • Life Stones must come in contact with blood to be activated.
  • Life Stones are implied to be sentient, as they choose who uses them.