The Pendragon Corporation is a family run conglomerate originating back hundreds of years. There are three main branches: America (based in New York City), Europe (based in Paris), and Asia (based in Kyoto). Each branch is run by a member of the Pendragon family, with America being both the head of the family and the head of the entire company.

History Edit

The Pendragon Corporation dates back to the early days of America, though it existed in France at the earliest. It is currently unknown when the Pendragons arrived in Japan to found the Asian branch.

Industries Edit

Pendragon Corp. has its hands in nearly every business in the world. They are one of the leading companies in not only America, France, and Japan, but the entire world. However, in recent years, the sales on gemstones and jewelry have increased dramatically and prices have dropped.

Notable Members Edit

  • Osamu Pendragon (former CEO)
  • Xavier Pendragon (former CEO)
  • Basile Pendragon (CEO)
  • Elysia Pendragon (heiress)
  • Mizuki Pendragon (heiress to Asian branch)
  • Vance Archer (former scientist)