The Pendragon Family runs the Pendragon Corporation and is one of the most influential families in the world. They have incredible amounts of money thanks to business and a general high society status. Because of this, every member of the family has some sort of celebrity status.

Notable Members Edit

American Edit

  • Xavier Pendragon (deceased)
  • Basile Pendragon
  • Elysia Pendragon
  • Clarisse Pendragon

Japanese Edit

  • Ichiro Pendragon
  • Osamu Pendragon (deceased)
  • Satoshi Pendragon
  • Mizuki Pendragon

French Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Pendragon or Pen Draig, meaning in Welsh "head (Pen) dragon (Draig) " or "chief dragon" (a figurative title referring to status as a leader and shortened from Pen y Ddraig (pronounced Thraig soft 'th' as in 'then')), is the name of several traditional Kings of the Britons, such as King Arthur.