Project Eden is a secret project run by the Pendragon Corp. dating back to the 1950s to transform the Earth into a utopia with the help of Life Stones. It was successfully enacted in 2003. It also tracks a specific group of experiments.


Xavier Pendragon originally founded AVALON to initiate Project Eden. However, after his death, REVOLVE was formed to fulfill the task. Project Eden's goal is to equip youth with Life Stones to fight enemies who are putting Earth in danger. Currently, the target is Basile Pendragon.


Basile Pendragon has taken over AVALON, but it isn't clear what exactly he is doing regarding Life Stones. It is assumed he is responsible for the creation of the Thrall.

Participants Edit

  • Elysia Pendragon
  • Lily Noble
  • Astrid Glaisyer
  • Mizuki Pendragon
  • Clarisse Pendragon