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Project Eden is an original science fiction story by Abby Louise/Ice Krystal.

Elysia Pendragon had it all—a happy family, a incredible inheritance, the mind of a genius, and a hopeful future. But all of that vanished when her father was murdered. Or at least, that’s what she thought. It wasn’t long before Elysia ran away, ripping her ties with her family and going her own way, only to become a infamous criminal simply known as the Crimson Dragon. But after a violent attack from a strange monster, Elysia, who now goes by Red, finds herself trapped, forced to aid the Department of Intergalactic Defense in their investigation on EDEN Co., or she will go to jail.

The Pendragon family had long been protecting the knowledge of Life Stones… enigmatic gems that bestow amazing power upon humans when they come in contact with blood. In the past, these gems had protected the Earth from alien invasions, keeping the otherwise defenseless planet safe from more powerful lifeforms. There are rumors that Stoicheia, a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy that has been conquering other worlds, has set its eyes on Earth. But unfortunately, the Life Stones have fallen into the wrong hands. 

Red must retrieve the seven anomalous Life Stones from the clutches of her uncle Basile, to form a team to counter anything the enemy have up their sleeves. But as she is forced to play leader to a bunch of girls she could care less about, she will have to dive into her past and learn just why everything has happened.

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